“Allahu Akbar”, Nothing is greater than Allah…

Each person has hir or her own special way to handle their life problems.
Most men would retreat from the hustle and bustle of life and go into “his cave” to contemplate with himself in dealing with his problems.
Most women would go to her best friend and pour her heart out and shed their tears before they can come up with solutions.
Some women even go shopping.
People say ‘shopping is the best medicine’. I second that opinion. 🙂
Some would seek inner peace by doing sholat (pray) or go to church or go to their ‘happy place’.
Some might go to the extreem, they get drunk in the hope they could forget about the problem.
Well, yes they might forget it for a while, but not necessarily solve their problems :).
How about you?
What do you do when you have life problems? Which method mentioned above that you do? Or perhaps you have your own unique way.
I do a mix of everything from the mentioned above. Except for the “getting drunk” part. Never find it effective in solving problems.
Recently I faced a series of life problems.
When people have problems, at times they feel like the whole world is falling down.
The world would coming to an end. I felt that way too.
During the difficult times, I did a mix of the above.
I talked to my best friend.
I went into my cave.
I prayed.
I shopped till i dropped.
And I… Nope, i didn’t drink.
But I did have some ice creams. *it didn’t really help to solve my problem, but it helps to ease the pain* 🙂

A dear friend reminded me, that one thing that helps giving me strength and inner peace is that to always remember, nothing is greater than Allah SWT, “Allahu Akbar”.

Nothing else matter.
Well, ice cream would certainly help, but the true help will come from Allah when we ask.
We are facing the end of 2011, let the problems of 2011 be bygones. Let’s embrace the new year with new spirit and new hope for a brighter day.
When you are in your lowest point, remember my friends… Allahu Akbar.
Happy new year to all my dear friends.


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